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Solar PV Systems

We offer our customers a variety of panels and inverters to choose from to meet their quality and price requirements. We can create a combination of any of the above panels and inverters with any system size (KW) based on our customer preference.


However, to make it easy we have made the combinations (kits) ourselves and classified them:


Ultra Premium Kitsultra primum
A-Grade 250W/265W Solar Panels - Q-Cells (Germany)/REC (Norway)
Inverters SMA from Germany

Premium Kitsprimum kits
A-Grade 245/250W Solarworld panels from Germany
Inverters Power One – Aurora from Italy

Classic Kitsclasic kits
A-Grade 250W Poly-crystalline ET Solar Panels
German Engineered Inverters (Delta-Solivia)

Economy Kitseconomy kits
A-Grade 250W Solar Panels (GY/Blue Sun Solar)
Chinese Inverter (JFY)

Feel free to call us to give you a quote on any of the above Kits for a System size (KW) that meets your requirement.

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